Monday, May 14, 2018

The Character Gap

I wrote a review last month on behalf of The Philosopher and Oxford University Press: on The Character Gap: How Good Are We? The review was published a moment ago. It is a disturbing book -- the result of millions of dollars of research into human character. Some words from from the author's preface: "Most of us, I suspect, tend to think of ourselves, our friends, and our families as good people. ... One of the central themes of this book is that such a picture of our character is badly mistaken." Interestingly, the author thinks that the Bible's picture of character is not. The photo shows the psychologist Stanley Milgram with students. He did groundbreaking research in the field.

POSTSCRIPT: I received a very nice review of my review -- from the author himself. Other reviews may be found in -- inter alia -- Psychology Today, the Wall Street Journal, and Christianity Today.

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