Saturday, June 9, 2018

Prosecutor Exonerates Own Self

Recently I laid charges against a prosecutor. As a precaution, I first placed the affidavit on this blog (see Disclosing An Affidavit). "With humility," I wrote, "I bring criminal charges against Sen Prosecutor [SPP] Jacobs." The reason for this: the police set me up, then SPP Jacobs issued a statement covering the police's tracks. This I base on information I received from the police's Cluster. Here is what happened after I laid the charges against the prosecutor (the proof lies in the e-mail above).
• SPP Jacobs himself obtained the charges against himself
• He himself withdrew the charges against himself
• At the same time, he threw out all other charges. No one would return to this docket
• On the police's side, they seriously subverted police procedure
• So seriously, that the police instructed me to lay charges against police
• This happened under chief Brig Hansraj's oversight: "I will deal with it myself."
The evidence against SPP Jacobs (that he covered the police's tracks) is compelling -- scheduled here for a later date. OBSERVATION: It is a compelling indication, too, that yes, there is a massive problem with the original docket (two dockets actually, but one is missing). It gets worse. I sought to lay charges as police instructed me to. In my first attempt, I was dramatically blocked. By way of clarification: when I say "set me up", I mean that the police put together bogus (not merely false) charges against me. See the next post: A Terrible Scrape.

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