Saturday, June 16, 2018

Pushing The Boundaries

It's a progress report, this. I have been designing a magnetometer -- for fun. I am not doing it, as I once did, for publishers under some pressure, but thinking on it slowly as I go. I estimate that the gain now stands at 100dB, or one-hundred-thousand times. The challenge was to keep the circuit stable while pushing sensitivity this far. It is a minute's video. OBSERVATION: I haven't tested it yet in the field, so I don't know what it will do -- I don't have much experience with magnetometers -- but with this kind of performance in a "noisy" city environment, its capability should be extreme.

POSTSCRIPT: It was interesting for me to note, in the video, that the magnetometer triggered before the pin touched the book -- and that with a built-in delay (a low pass filter) in the circuit. I since pushed the magnetometer's sensitivity to detect the pin through six such books, but the circuit lost some stability. I shall be working on it.

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