Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Church Disruptions

When one thinks of Church disruptions, one tends to think of people disrupting a Sunday service -- maybe some meetings. This post is about external disruptions. These three top my list:
• I got to Church one Sunday morning to find that a huge tourist bus had bumped up onto the pavement, and parked the Church's main entrance shut. They didn't think people would want to go to Church on Sunday morning? It took us a while to find the bus driver, and the bus was removed just in time.
• I was astonished to find the City Council giving instructions to a team of workmen with pneumatic drills outside the Church, just before the Sunday service. Surely this couldn't be true? The foreman said yes, it was -- they were about to dig up the pavement. After a heated exchange, they knocked off for the duration of the service.
• The City Council decided to do repairs to the electricity supply in the area, and decided to do it over the duration of our Sunday morning service. This would mean no lights, no organ, no amplification, no "cry room". This time, they couldn't be dissuaded, but the power came back on during the sermon.

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