Monday, November 12, 2018

Dispute About A Sermon

There was a strange controversy on Sunday 19 March 2013 (I have it in my journal). The text was Acts 16, and the subject, Dealing with Injustice. I placed a strong emphasis on God's power, referring to Isaiah 59. One group of people severely criticised the sermon -- one of them saying: "It left me cold." Another group of people highly praised it -- one of them saying: "Die boodskap was regtig gese├źn" -- "The message was really blessed". This led to a storm of comments:
• One group was this-worldly, the other other-worldly
• One group entered Church spiritually prepared, the other not
• The minister had a gifted ministry to one group, not to the other
• It wasn't about the sermon at all, but some other connivances
OBSERVATION: Whatever the case may be, I take the traditional view that a sermon is a Means of Grace, and therefore does not depend primarily on any "human" aspects of the sermon -- among them eloquence, topicality, targeting, and so on. It depends on the Spirit's work in the heart.

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