Saturday, March 23, 2019

In Time Of Crisis

The New Zealand prime minister has been much in the news over the last week. She is experiencing an extraordinary crisis, and in an important sense, not a crisis within. The same may happen in ministry. Here is my own example. It was the first xenophobic agitation in South Africa, and I was in extraordinary demand for counselling and crisis intervention as pressures mounted in the lives of foreigners -- many of whom were members. Again, in an important sense, it was not a crisis within. Notice the date on a doctor's note, which proclaims BURNOUT. A week later, riots broke out across the city. OBSERVATION: I bounced back quickly, and our Church diaconate joked that I should pin the note to the vestry wall, as a warning to counselees. The moral is: if there is such crisis, be aware of what you are experiencing yourself.

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