Monday, March 18, 2019

Poorest Of The Poor

One of the most difficult aspects of urban ministry is "the poorest of the poor". One is very limited in the material help one can offer, they are very tough customers, and one seems to see few lasting results. I was reminded this morning that, in the midst of such a situation, we got some things right. Driving in side streets far from my former (so to speak) parish, one of the poorest shouted out "Pastor!" while another waved with a smile. Hardly a week goes by without such signs of recognition. We sought to do what we could -- not much, considering the scale of the problem -- we did get tough with them, but we also did this: we sought to explain our predicament to them, and wherever possible prayed with them, walked with them, counselled them. OBSERVATION: One found little thanks at the time, but today one does.

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