Monday, March 25, 2019

Something Going On

In 2016, I opened a case with police, after a strange mix of plunder on the one hand, and search and seizure on the other. Among other things, my personal notebooks were seized, and my late wife's ashes. Then a prosecutor reported that the police had removed critical evidence from the docket -- a critical affidavit, a critical annexure, and critical audio recordings. Later he reported that information had been removed a second time. And according to my records, the police removed investigators from the case six times. Last month, finally, I lodged a formal request to see the docket. The police refused, without reason. Today I lodged an appeal -- and I wrote: "If I can be of help, please let me know." OBSERVATION: Was this just police chaos, or was something going on? According to the prosecutor, something was going on.

POSTSCRIPT: This post shot to the top of my Top of the Pops list. This was unintended. It was just something that was happening.

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