Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Business Chaos

One speaks of business chaos in Cape Town. Here's the most recent example in my own experience. I live in a cottage in a student complex. The Internet was continually going down. It was probably down more often than not. Finally Telkom sent a technician over, who fixed it -- and this fix lasted nearly a week before the Internet went down again. Being crucially dependent on the Internet, I decided to connect to the sky. I entered what may be the best known Internet shop. They said sorry, their own Internet was down. After about an hour's wait, the technician confessed that he had borrowed the plug -- the Internet should now be up again. But then the manager pulled the wires out of the card machine. I would need to pay cash now -- so I would need to find an ATM. The nearest ATM, on the same block, was out of order -- and so was the next one. I walked two blocks to find the next one -- and so obtained my cash, and finally connected to the sky. OBSERVATION: Actually, it wasn't quite this simple, but the rest was so to speak my own fault. I was connecting with Linux, and they only had experience with Windows.

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