Saturday, October 14, 2017

Set Up By Police

For the first time, I am here revealing evidence that the Sea Point police set me up, as minister – thereby committing a serious offence (click ⊳ to Play). The charge sheet (shown below) proves that I was charged. I then met with Captain Noemdo-Jefta. In the recording, the Captain says this: if the police did charge me – if I am right – then they committed a major offence. Of course, I am right. They charged me. Why would it be a major offence? Because, said the Captain, they had nothing in their hands that was legitimate. The police implicated Church people, too, in the plot: in writing, an attorney and his wife, and verbally, the Church treasurer. OBSERVATION: Today, the police are again balking at showing me the docket, under Col. Lento. If Capt. Noemdo-Jefta is correct, then handing me the docket would mean handing me millions. The recording is in two parts (separated by noise), so as to cut it down to 15 seconds. It faithfully conveys the whole conversation.

POSTSCRIPT: Three days later, Police Complaints Nodal Point contacted me, to "escalate" this matter. They ruthlessly killed it before. It surely has to do with my (I consider) hazardous move of making it public. But they contacted me anonymously. I need to think on that before I respond.

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