Friday, November 17, 2017

Colonel In The List

I was plagued with an episode of anonymous calls. But why? This was crazy. What was behind this? "Intimidation," said a police officer. There is a counselling technique, also useful for solving puzzling events in life. One asks: "What happened before this?" and "Do I see a pattern here?" So I looked for a clue to the intimidation so-called in my recorded meetings and calls. This is what I saw. The list reads from top to bottom, in chronological order. OBSERVATION: There is the name of a Colonel here (Colonel Lento). See what my list looks like before the Colonel and after the Colonel. Is this noteworthy? You may click on the image to enlarge. It was under the Colonel's watch that, according to the Cluster, the police set me up. In this list, I had met him about a related matter.

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