Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Undertakers' Motives

Years ago now, I posted about an undertaker, who hurried around the graveside with advertisement boards, so that photographs at the graveside would advertise the undertaker. It gets worse. Now undertakers drop a coffin at a funeral service and hurry away to deliver the next one. Mourners are left looking about helplessly, wondering when the coffin can go. The undertakers drop the gravestone on a pile of dirt, to have it at the ready for speedy deployment. Then they fill a grave while people are worshiping at the next one, the wind blowing dirt in their faces, and the scraping of shovels drowning out the preacher. OBSERVATION: It is all a question of motive.

POSTSCRIPT: As if to confirm it, my blog posts were scanned and turned into advertisements for "cheap funeral plans", "cheap cremation" (and so on), on my computer screen.

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