Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Perpetuating Passivity

I've had awful problems with my bank. They corrected course, though, and sent me an apology and a good-will payment (I joked that it was hush money). This post is about a hedge clause they keep sending me. This immediately impressed me for its gravitas, so I ran it through a computer analysis -- with this result: 

Readers need a 15th grade level of education to understand.

Therefore, to comprehend the bank's hedge clause, one needs a three-year university education. Like so many documents, this contravenes the legal requirement of plain language in South Africa. It not only means that (likely) the majority of customers consent to something they cannot understand, but I think it perpetuates the passivity of the poor especially, in seeking to understand their own affairs.

POSTSCRIPT: While I first named my bank in this post, it is not vital to the point of the post, in fact could distract from it. I removed it, on my own opinion.

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