Sunday, June 26, 2022

COVID-19 Mistake

I consider that the way that COVID-19 was handled in South Africa was a mistake. And it is for reasons that lie beyond the debate. In the city, we even had troops in the streets. Yet when I visited and lodged in the townships, there were no lockdowns there. There was absolutely no sign of them -- except for one boy I saw, with a mask around his neck. Drive into town, from the townships, just five minutes through crowds, over dusty, potholed roads, and one entered lockdown again: face masks, deserted streets, patrol cars, and all. The people suffered too much, through lockdowns that weren't -- or to be more exact, stringent lockdowns that were thoroughly mixed with none at all. OBSERVATION: What then should one have done? At the start, the government presented its "Young Turks", its advisers, to the public. I wonder whether, if the elders of the clans had been given greater weight, how it would have looked.

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