Thursday, January 19, 2023

What It's About

Over on Twitter, there was a flurry of tweets last week by my Pi ex co-editor, trying to manage a scandal. He made a mistake, unfortunately—he faked items on his résumés. But this shouldn’t have been at my expense: ongoing abuse, and my publishers needed to reissue my book worldwide. Here's one example of a false claim. This is an original résumé on the Wayback Machine. Scroll to “Work experience”: 

Here’s the résumé after he has erased the non-existent academic position: 

The University of Huddersfield confirms the ruse. OBSERVATION: As his co-editor, I picked up some problems, and decided to check. It was not perverse of me to do this, but natural and necessary. I have a high regard for my ex-colleague still, but have been distressed by his behavior—and damage to a UK top ten philosophy weekly. It should not have been necessary for me to respond. Once there is a story circulating, though, I have found that one needs to state some facts.

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