Monday, August 29, 2016

Decisive Dream

Dreams play a major role in the spiritual life of Africa. A young man, E., told me this story: his grandfather, he said, carefully taught him right living, and faithfully took him to Church. But when his grandfather passed away, E. became absorbed in work and money: on Sundays, too. He had been making good money, he said, and had just received a generous bonus. But on his way home, with the bonus in his pocket, he had an accident on his bicycle, and seriously injured his arm. He said to himself: "I’ll never make money again." As he was recuperating, his late grandfather, with his late pastor, appeared to him in a dream. Each of them was holding a Bible. They said, "E., we did not teach you like this. You must get back to Church." This made such a profound impression on E. that, after that, he travelled about 30km / 20mi to Church most Sundays. When I first met him, he was still bandaged from the accident.

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