Sunday, September 4, 2016

Contradictory Behaviour

I have charted, on this blog, my unfortunate efforts to obtain affidavits (regarding myself) from our Sea Point police. They said to me, affidavits? No. One has to have permission of the signatories for that. At the same time, however, they held an affidavit of my own. They handed my affidavit to an accused, without my permission. Then the accused put his signature at the top of it and sent it to me. This seemed unbelievable. I said what's this? The police were silent. They would not respond. OBSERVATION: This kind of thing makes one doubtful of just procedure in our country. The man responsible in this case was chief Col. M.M. Lento. In fact the story is more complex than this. Among other things, the refusal was unlawful even before there was any contradictory behaviour.

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