Saturday, March 11, 2017

Honouring Officers

A Church Youth leader called me one night. Youth had been very well attended, she said, but there had been “one terrible row”. The Youth leaders had decided to put three youngsters out, and one of the Youth helpers had objected. Then I received a call from the Youth helper. It was three White children who had been put out, he said. The rest were Black. I couldn't see that this changed the picture really. I said that the Youth leadership might not be perfect, but God put them there for this time, therefore one should honour their discretion. Any other approach would be destructive. Also, one couldn’t accept misbehaviour at the expense of the whole. OBSERVATION: I think the particularly good attendance that night might have made it more of a challenge to deal with the awkward youngsters. But more importantly, this post highlights a principle of ministry. The Lord has put certain people in place, given that it was all done appropriately, so honour that and work on that basis. Which doesn't mean that one doesn't look into what happened.

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