Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Strange Incident

Since 2013, I experienced a series of bizarre intrusions to my office, vehicles, and property, in which little or nothing was taken (there were other incidents which seemed more "normal"). One of the more bizarre intrusions was this. My three-wheel pickup was (apparently) searched: someone took it apart, reassembled it (not quite perfectly), and washed it down with silicon. Before and after the incident, it was locked. Some security officers (ADT) told me who did it, but whether they really knew what they were saying I may never know. The police would not open a case. OBSERVATION: I was reminded of it today, through news of an intrusion at a Director General's house in Johannesburg. People pulled up in two cars, walked through his house, carelessly assaulted people inside, and walked out again. The police would not open a case. The Director General said: "I feel like it is too bizarre." So what were the motives? A senior police officer told me once that when people invade one's space and little else, it is intimidation. Anyway, one feels affirmed that others experience strange incidents.

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