Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What Is A Unit?

In the metaphysic (total philosophy) which I am writing or completing, I deal with the concept of units. This is quite important, as units are the basis of everything -- language, science, mathematics, and so on. An apple is a unit. A litre of apple juice is a unit. The production cycle is a unit ... Yesterday I sought to tighten up what I say about units. In particular, how one should differentiate between different kinds of unit. An apple and a litre of apple juice, for example, are conceptually far apart. Surprisingly, I found nothing on the Internet which had a direct bearing on this question. OBSERVATION: Albert Einstein called a unit "a complex from nature". That raises the question as to how such complexes are formed, what we exclude from such complexes, what implications this has, how objective we are in forming such complexes, and so on.

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