Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Church Convulsions

Yesterday I called up the council chairman of my country Church, where I serve as consulent on call. Recently an 80-year-old minister had walked in there and read everyone the riot act. I asked the chairman if things had settled down now. Well, no. So I called up the old minister. The council wasn't the council, he said, the congregation wasn't the congregation (he evicted them), the consulency wasn't a consulency, my ministry wasn't ministry, and the Church property ought not to be the Church property. Did I miss something? I checked Church records. We might not have crossed every "t" and dotted every "i", but it was plainly as I thought: council in place, consulency in place, congregation in place. OBSERVATION: I have decided to stop his calls until I cool down. The old minister served the Church many years ago. He was succeeded by a number of ministers before they called me. One was Ron de Klerk, a cousin of our past State President.

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