Monday, September 18, 2017

Ministry ‘Opportunism’

I have found that, to keep "ministry by members" going (the priesthood of believers), in an urban setting, one needs to develop a kind of opportunism. Urban Churches in general turn over fast (and I think they are doing something right when they do -- but that would be another post). Here's a real example -- a membership interview with a young woman:
Myself: "Do you have any special gift?"
She, decisively: "Singing!"
Myself: "What kind of singing?"
She : "Choir singing -- or if there aren't enough people, a quartet."
Myself: "Solo?"
She: "Yes, that too."
Myself: "Would you sing on Sunday? It would introduce you to the Church."
She: "Yes. I could sing in Chichewa. I could sing in English."
Myself: "Both?"
She: "Yes." 
And so it came to be -- in fact she sang with a relative. OBSERVATION: Such things forge bonds, too. Meet such a member in the street, and there is, was something (or many things) memorable between you.

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