Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Police Suppress Sabotage

This morning I blogged about a series of acts of sabotage, which would seem to suggest perpetrator(s) and motive. It surprised me that the Church turned up in my list (see Explaining Sabotage). At the start of the list, where the Church first appears, my car was sabotaged twice -- and twice a wheel failed at the top of the Glen, which is a precipice (pictured). I could have been killed. I visited the Cape Town police therefore, but they would not open a case. Instead, they made an entry in a log book. Afterwards I thought no, this was too serious not to open a case. In the recording (click ⊳ to Play), I describe to an officer what happened. Then I ask to see that log book (I have inserted beeps where I splice the audio). There follows a search for the log book -- but it seems that none exists. The officer now takes nearly a ¼ hour out to confer behind the scenes. When he returns, he states that he will record this as "attempted theft". Any impression of sabotage, therefore, or in a worst case attempted murder, is now stripped out. After this, the case vanished. The recording serves as evidence of how this unfolded.

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