Sunday, January 7, 2018

Long-Term Editor

There are many ups and downs with writing and editing. Some articles are still-born, some are a flash in the pan, some are late starters, and some are evergreens. Often one can predict what an article will become, but sometimes one wonders what one misperceived in editing one. Our re-launched philosophy weekly Pi has been going 2½ years now. Here are the statistics re articles which I edited or wrote myself -- as one of a team:
• The last day's favourite articles: 40% mine
• The last week's favourite articles: 40% mine
• The last month's favourite articles: 60% mine
• The last year's favourite articles: 80% mine
• All-time favourite articles: 70% mine
OBSERVATION: These simple statistics reveal a few things. Plainly, I turn out pieces which are not as popular in the short-term as they are in the long-term. Trendiness is not my strength. Over the long-term, though, I am clearly a valuable member of the team. It is good to look over statistics like this and see that, though one's work does not catch on today or this week, one is a serious player over time.

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