Saturday, January 13, 2018

Teach Yourself Kindle

One of my resolutions for the new year was to teach myself how to publish on Kindle -- all Kindle devices. I am not slow. I taught myself a programmable microcontroller in less than a day. But Kindle! I read a whole book -- and bits and pieces besides which should amount to a book. It seemed like a blizzard of dead-end information -- all the worse because I work with Linux, not Windows or iOS as Kindle prefers. I now plan a $99.99 blockbuster, which will encompass one page: "How to Master Kindle Publishing". The secret to Kindle publishing -- once one has decoded it -- does not fill that much space. I shared my expertise with an established Kindle author -- who has had and does have (to him) insurmountable obstacles to slick publication on Kindle -- in five lines. He wrote back: "You’d think Kindle could have figured that out automatically." OBSERVATION: The full-screen image on the right is created by me, and is courtesy of Kindle themselves.

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