Thursday, May 3, 2018

Has She Made It?

It is wife E, following an open-book Church History exam -- the second-last course of her Bachelor of Theology degree. She comfortably passed the course as a whole, but narrowly passed the final exam. She was not happy. Her very last course is also complete -- Apologetics -- and she now awaits her final marks. Will she make it? "Watch this space." Her final two courses were rewrites. OBSERVATION: I encouraged her to study, before we even dreamed we could be an item. I recommended her on the basis of the potential I saw. She received a compassionate "riots year" pass at the end of her schooling, amidst huge disruptions.


Lina said...

A frightening amount of paperwork! We are rooting for her.

Thomas Scarborough said...

Her overall mark was OK, but she came 1% short in an exam, so she just didn't make it.