Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Chief Of Police

On 27 March this year, Cape Town's Chief of Police, Brigadier Hansraj (pictured) called me up. This is our conversation (click ⊳ to Play). It is about a complaint that I laid, mostly against police officers. That is, the police opened a case in this matter -- a docket. In this audio, I describe the situation to the Chief. Does the Chief believe it could have been the police rampaging through my life? On the strength of this recording, yes, of course. Does she suspect a particular police unit? Yes, obviously. She says: "Was all this done by the Cape Town Cluster? ... the Cluster ... the Cluster ... the Cluster ... or our station." I say: "I don't know who did it, but I think it is the police," and I give reasons. Until this moment -- until this conversation -- I myself had not suspected the Cluster. The Chief, in closing, qualifies: "I'm not saying it is (the police)." Anthony Owen, of the police's Independent Investigative Directorate, pointed to a police unit, without naming it -- which seemed to me, too, to refer to the Cluster. But notice here that "he thinks it is a service delivery issue." This means that a rampage -- combined with deliberate obstruction by police (audio elsewhere on this blog) -- would be downgraded to an issue of service. OBSERVATION: See my complementary post: Observations About The Chief.

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