Monday, May 14, 2018

Photo Trove

My mother gave me a 50-year-old box of slides yesterday. I only got to know recently that they existed. I intend to convert them to digital photos as soon as I have the opportunity. For now, here is an example of what is there. It's a photo of my guardian in the mission, Temeeti Teiaa. I followed him around like a lamb -- and hunted clams with him, too. He would stab them swiftly, before they could snap shut. They were extremely powerful. A clam like this snapped a knife blade one day because Temeeti was not quick enough. OBSERVATION: Some of the photos are in fairly good condition, like this one. Some are degraded, though not beyond being restored. Some of my father's photography is impressive. Photography then was not nearly as easy as it is now.

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