Friday, May 18, 2018

Speaking In Riddles

I have received a number of circular letters recently from a seminary president, titled: "Discernment in the Whirlwind". If only I could decipher it all. After reading page upon page, I don't really know what the whirlwind is about. There is a whirlwind -- a metaphorical whirlwind. With this in mind, as a minister I have always laid it on the line in the Church, something like this: "This is where we are. This is how the Lord is in it. These are our (not my) priorities. Here are the details. You may freely study them yourself. Now over to you, dear members. You might have insight from God that carries the day." OBSERVATION: And often they do. I find that the direct approach usually galvanises a Church positively. Occasionally (seldom) it may be resented.

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