Thursday, May 17, 2018

Write For Us

This month, the philosophy weekly Pi (Philosophical Investigations) celebrates three years after its re-launch in May 2015. It may be the only philosophy weekly in the world, and one of a minority of philosophy publications which is willing to work with authors to improve promising pieces -- a useful education (many publications say little more than yes or no). Would you like to write for us?
• About 700 words
• Philosophy is the love of wisdom, or "thought about thought"
• Any subject under the sun, even poetry, photography, or art
• If the ideas are strong, we help you get the writing in shape
• A "table talk" style -- see examples at (click here) Pi.
I'm at  We have an "above average" readership. Our pieces perform well in Internet searches. We have three editors, who work by consensus (one of whom at the moment "on leave"). OBSERVATION: At times, we have worked as far as two months ahead -- at present, we are "up against it". Unusually, people have written to me a few times along the lines: "I want to become a writer. Help me become a writer." I have said OK, write something, send it, then we'll work on it. The aspiring writer disappeared.

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