Friday, June 8, 2018

‘No Faith In God’

This is a repost of 9 December 2010. Looking back on this post, my wife died less than a month later. Here's what I wrote: "I told one of our members this week that wife M had been in decline, and that I wondered whether she would hold out to a hospital appointment. Our member said: ‘You are the minister, and you have no faith in God!’ I said: ‘We need to draw a careful distinction here. There is faith in outcomes, and there is faith in God. Faith in outcomes is faith that it will come out like this or like that. Faith in God is to trust in the power and goodness of God no matter what.’" OBSERVATION: I thought my wife might be admitted to hospital before her next appointment. A man who comments on this post (below) is now a Stellenbosch professor.


Dion Forster said...

Comments such as that by your member break my heart! We experienced the same this year when our daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor - well intentioned people whose naive perspective could be quite hurtful.

Be assured of our prayers.

Together with you in Christ,


Thomas Scarborough said...

Thanks, Dion.