Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Monsignor

I attended the local Catholic Church this morning. The Monsignor was looking splendid in his robes, with his white hair, and he seemed relaxed and contented. He said, “Don’t you have your own congregation today?” I said, “It’s my Sunday off.” He said, “I wish I would get time off.” I said, “This Church has picked up very nicely since your predecessor was here.” He said, “All my predecessors are dead, you know.” OBSERVATION: I suspect that the Catholic Church has a master plan. In every one that I attend, it’s the same: a message of great simplicity, and (as far as it can be done in the Catholic Church) the priesthood of believers.

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Unknown said...

Hi Thomas
Thanks for the note yesterday. We attended the baptism of our neighbour's daughter in a Russian Orthodox church yesterday morning. A very different way to spend a Saturday morning. The liturgy was so much different then we as Mennonites are used to. Today we were back in our own church.