Monday, February 27, 2023

Migrating from Debian to Fedora

I migrated my computer system, from Debian to Fedora. Fedora has a reputation for being difficult—and, good grief, the installation was hard. But Fedora itself is not hard. I wanted to do several things: copy the appearance of my existing system to Fedora; install Fedora on a dongle (which is, create a pluggable operating system, for any and all computers); clone that dongle; then clone the dongle to my computer. It is clear that Fedora is a fast and stable OS, and one can run all kinds of variants of it, in an integrated way (I show four integrated environments here). However, while I was able to copy Debian's look, and install Fedora on a dongle, and clone the OS, and copy all my personal files, I could not clone the apps. They say it can be done, but it looks very complex. Various published methods failed me. So, just re-install the apps. OBSERVATION: In South Africa, I would not recommend a "refresh" of Fedora while installing. Just do the minimum. Our power grid is not stable enough to attempt a refresh right away. One could have either power or Internet failing in the middle of a long operation.

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