Wednesday, February 22, 2017

'Educating' Myself

I did many things which brought greater discipline to Church finances. But there were a few things I missed. Here are lessons I recently learned from those of greater ability and experience than myself. I share them here in the hope of this being of some help to others. Firstly, I took too much on trust. This is natural, but it is not what one should be doing. When one looks at words and numbers on a page, they don't have trust or distrust written on them. Secondly, I appealed to facts where we had a problem. I should have appealed to authority. Or rather, I should have appealed more to authority. I was a trustee. That is easy to overlook in a Church which is governed congregationally. Thirdly, I should have insisted that every payment was minuted in meetings, and thoroughly followed up in the meetings which followed. OBSERVATION: There are many other things I could note about sound financial procedure, but these are points where I myself needed educating. Usually, of course, everything is fine in a Church. But one is not called to assume that everything is fine all the time.

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