Friday, March 10, 2017

Revised Goals

In my first major ministry, I set some big goals for ten years of ministry, and together we achieved them all. Then I felt that my task was complete -- but I was weary, and discouraged. Among other things, we had built a Church, and filled it, we had bought a manse, hired a secretary, called a youth pastor, and reached financial maturity. But once I moved on, I had the sense that I should have focused more on the intangible, which is the spiritual. My next (city) ministry was a lot about that. I focused far more on spiritual priorities, and the spiritual development of the Church. And that brought me great fulfillment, and it was very useful work -- although it was at times traumatic. OBSERVATION: I used to say that I had made a big mistake with my priorities, in my first ministry. I am not so critical of myself now. Together, we got a Church established. However, I still would focus more on the spiritual, which is what the Church is ultimately about.

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