Saturday, June 3, 2017

Investigation Launched

It was at the strange hour of 8:21 pm one evening this week that the police informed me they had launched a criminal investigation into ten people, inside and outside my old city Church. The case was registered last month, after I met with investigators.
• What is it about? Mostly financial transactions, and related papers.
• How sure are the charges? They are mostly supported by written opinion, which seems sound. But between this and prosecution, much can happen.
• Was all opinion followed? Regarding injury or insult to me personally, mostly I declined to bring charges, notwithstanding opinion.
• Did I myself attempt to resolve matters? Yes, I made every effort.
• Why so late? Evidence yielded itself slowly, and so did written opinion. Also, delay is typical where intimidation is in the mix.
• Were any charges brought before? Yes, in other matters. None of these cases is finally closed. One has now been sent back to the prosecutor.
• Am I being investigated? Probably, but that is good. They would have to investigate me if they did their job.

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