Thursday, May 31, 2018

Multi-Cultural Ministry By Members

In a multicultural Church, there are unique challenges -- particularly where it is a Congregational Church, which demands ministry by members. Here is one of the more "classic" challenges: White congregants are relucant to speak about their faith, which they tend to think of as very personal. Black congregants tend to want to tell the world, and have little hesitation in doing so. There are a number of ways around this -- however last night I learnt a new one, from a bishop. All congregants tend to be comfortable sitting down for an almost-private interview before a video camera, then having it shown in Church. OBSERVATION: Some of my own strategies to equalise the situation have been to involve different cultural groups in equal measure but in different ways, to give White congregants part-personal input which they feel more comfortable with, and to obtain input from Black congregants which is closer to that of White congregants. The goal, though, is always the same: regular ministry by members builds up the Body spiritually.

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