Sunday, August 12, 2018

Dazzling Discovery

I seldom mention companies by name -- unless they seem worthy of special distinction. Following my abduction on 31 July, my bank put my accounts on hold. I asked them kindly to take care of any eventualities, and understood that they would. My hospital plan Discovery Health, then, as their first line of approach -- their opening line -- wrote to me: "Your cover is suspended." They demanded payment. But who was this? There was no name or reference number attached, and my abductors had my Discovery card. Then Discovery backdated my payment owing, twelve days -- ten days prior to my misfortune. I lodged a complaint -- and a reply was unreadable. Finally last Wednesday they sent me a reference number, promising to get in touch and sort it out. OBSERVATION: Their stated aim is to "dazzle clients".  I told them unkindly that this was "worse than poor".

POSTSCRIPT: Discovery did not get in touch as promised.

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