Thursday, December 8, 2022

Reducing the Pressure

It is four years ago now, but I was traumatised when I was seized by gunmen. This makes it very difficult for me to address anything that has happened in that connection. The gunmen interrogated me -- and during interrogation, dropped a name, and only one name. Then my Internet accounts were hacked. Google identified a hacker's IP address, and three geolocation services identified the same building. The name worked there. Today I delivered the data to authorities, but requested no action. Even if I did: is the data reliable; is it a fluke; is the connection a fluke? OBSERVATION: I do not want to see anyone taken to task, but I do need to cast off the pressure and threat I have been under. (I took suitable precautions before I took up this matter).

POSTSCRIPT: The same day, a psychologist responded to this as follows. The name, incidentally, was central to my false arrest at the close of my city ministry. Work that out.

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